Introducing… Blogs, Books & Reviews

Introducing… Blogs, Books & Reviews

I thought before I started rambling my craziness all over the internet, I should probably introduce myself to all of you all.

My name is Caitlin. I am a fairly normal girl- Customer Service Rep at a gas station by day, Bibliophile (People who love books FYI) by night. I love animals, especially my Bulldog Marley- I am sure you will hear me talk about him often, as he is the best dog in the world after all. I am socially awkward, but try my best to hide it. I am married to my best friend, not to sound cliche or anything. I like many things, including: the color green, books, writing, art, photography, and Netflix. I never considered myself anything extraordinary and always try to stay humble. I also use Sarcasm as my first language, English being my second. Har-Har.

Ready to see the Beauty that is me? Here I am. Seriously though… 99 percent of the time I am a hot mess. Anyone claiming to be perfect is a liar liar pants on fire.

I can’t exactly tell you that this big beautiful blog will stay in a small niche. It will contain all of my thoughts, likes, dislikes and even some unpopular opinions. I have spent far too much of my adult life beating around the bush, and I have decided that it’s stopping now. Blogs, Books, and Reviews is becoming my outlet for my inner-most thoughts- Like a diary the whole world can read. It might not be perfect, but it’s mine, and if you like it, it can be yours too.
Welcome to the crazy place of Blogs, Books And Reviews!

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