VLOG/Makeup Tutorial & Wish Product First Impressions

VLOG/Makeup Tutorial & Wish Product First Impressions

I love finding deals on makeup. One of my favorite places to buy budget makeup is from wish.com. You take the risk of it being super bad, but it also could be super good. In this video and tutorial, I use a few products from Wish. These are some of my products that I love and use every day.

I am recovering from surgery in this video- so if I seem a little whacky, that’s probably why! Recovering from surgery can be rough.

One of the main questions I get a lot is where I get my eyeshadows from. I use mainly Coastal Scents palettes. In this look I used Mirage, but generally, my go to is the Metal Mania Palette. They are very affordable and have great color choices and pigmentation. As of right now on March 13, 2017- Thier warm palette is half off! Run and get it, because it’s worth every penny.

          Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer Palette

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