Cocoa-Shea Butter from All Naturals Cosmetics Review

Cocoa-Shea Butter from All Naturals Cosmetics Review

Cocoa-Shea Butter

I have been battling dry skin for what seems like decades. It’s honestly one of the things that bothers me the most about my skin. I was able to try out the Cocoa-Shea Butter from All Naturals Cosmetics, and seriously this has kicked my super dry skin right to the curb!

Here are some of the things I noticed right away with the Cocoa-Shea Butter from All Naturals Cosmetics:

  • It’s Scent. It’s not overpowering but you will definitely walk around smells hints of chocolate all day. I happen to love that particular smell. It ALMOST smells good enough to lick, but I would advise not doing that.
  • It’s consistency. This is some of the richest and fluffiest body butter I have ever used. It’s so smooth, but then as it heats with your body it melts down to an oil for even smoother application.
  • The packaging. I have to give props when props are due. All Naturals Cosmetics was smart when packaging this product. It does get oily, which can sometimes be a pain when removing or trying to put a lid back on. They use a ribbed lid for their container making it easy to open and close when there is oil on your hands. I think a lot of companies overlook this detail, but I am glad All Naturals Cosmetics didn’t!

What All Naturals Cosmetics Has to Say about Cocoa-Shea Butter:

Cocoa-Butter has been loved like a religion for centuries by many. It is the choice of many who want to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, blemishes, scars and other unsightly marks.
In addition to all these benefits from Cocoa butter, Shea butter also reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, keeps skin supple, well-nourished and healthy.
This product is a must for rashes, cold sores, stretch marks and extremely dry skin. Enjoy the benefits of Cocoa-Shea with the sweet aroma of Cocoa-butter.

I was very pleased with this Cocoa-Shea Butter. I have tried both cocoa butter and shea butter separately before but never have tried a product with both of those ingredients together. They make for a winning combination.

Cocoa-Shea Butter can be purchased online for $19.50

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