Cutting The Clutter: Makeup Declutter Series

Cutting The Clutter: Makeup Declutter Series

What in the world is a makeup declutter series? Well, I am here to show you. It basically involves two of my favorite things: makeup and organization.

If you collect makeup, or even just have a very large amount of it, sometimes you just have to declutter your cosmetics. In this series, I got rid of the things that I didn’t reach for often (or even at all).

I ended up passing these items along to my mom and my sister, who each picked out some items that they wanted and the rest got tossed in the bin.

I don’t think I will ever get down to a “normal” amount of makeup, just because I really like a lot of variety, but after this and seeing how much stuff I got rid of, I think I will be a little more mindful of what I am buying. I love to save money and when I was throwing stuff in the reject bin I felt like I was throwing dollars away.

I also really wanted to try to stick to only buying new products that are cruelty-free. That has become a pretty important quality in makeup to me, as I really love animals and don’t think they should suffer just so I can look pretty. I am sure I will make a few slip-ups every now and then, but I promise I am trying!

I will insert my declutter series below so you can watch them if you like!

I hope you enjoy!

Makeup Declutter Video Series

Episode 1: Blush & Bronzers

Episode 2: Foundation & Concealers

Episode 3: Eyeshadow

Episode 4: Lip Glosses

Episode 5: Lip Pencil & Lipstick

I also wanted to take the time to also thank all of my readers! You guys are all super important to me and thank you for taking interest in my daily random ramblings.

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