10 Things You Probably Need if You Are Sick

10 Things You Probably Need if You Are Sick

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So, my allergies have kicked up full force this week. Which, Yay! Lucky me! Except not really. I have been laying in bed all day thinking about how miserable I am, when I realized I should probably tell ya’ll what I do to not be so miserable.

Cuddle up with a soft warm blanket.

Comfort is key.

This one is Available for only $10.19

Invest in a lifetime supply of tissues.

Seriously, you’re going to need them, and you might as well buy in bulk.

Get a Heating Pad.

Nothing sucks more than being sick AND freezing. This Heating Pad is a steal too!

A Neti Pot is a Must.

These take practice to use, but once you get the hang of it, nothing makes your sinuses feel better than being flushed out. Gross- but effective.

Good Book Anyone?

I recommend the Throne Of Glass Series.

Fuzzy Socks.

Cold feet suck. Get twelve pairs to last you all winter!

Get yourself some Hot Tea.

Seriously, it warms the soul.

Take a bath with some Eucalyptus Bath Salts.

It’s relaxing and helps clear your sinuses. Also, it’s a good excuse to hide in the bathroom for a long period of time.

If you are sick often, Invest in a body pillow.

It makes getting comfortable in bed much easier.

An Extra long Phone Cord.

This probably something you don’t really think about until you are stuck in bed not wanting to move. Keep your phone by you so you can call someone to bring you chicken soup, or cough drops, or even binge watch your favorite series on Netflix.

All of these are things I recommend, but if it gets worse than your average cold/flu- don’t try to be a hero and make yourself a doctor’s appointment. Being sick sucks, but these things make it suck less. And who doesn’t love napping all day?

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