Oh What a Year it’s Been… Thank You

Oh What a Year it’s Been… Thank You

Well, this year has been one for the books guys. I’m here to tell you and Thank You.

Several life changing things have happened year (my story on one of those is coming very soon).

It seems like just yesterday It was January. I have made some pretty big decisions of the late, one that I have been struggling with for a while- whether or not to pick up the pen… err, keyboard rather, again. Blogging and talking to all of my wonderful readers was something I enjoyed more than just about anything. I love connecting with all of you, and I miss it more than ever.

Many of you have been here since the days of Cait’s Beauty, and if you stuck around after the rebranding to Blogs, Books, and reviews, I super appreciate you. I needed a site that was a little more broad. Everyone says to find a niche and stick to it, but really I just want to write about what I like. This isn’t a niche blog, but rather a collection of myself, and something I love to look back on. By being a part of the BBR family, you become like my family.

The Decision

I work full time at a gas station which is not exactly where I thought my college experience or talents would get me, but here I am. Though I don’t hate the job, it’s definitely not something I want to do forever, and I think I would really like to put more energy into this website. It’s like my baby that I have nurtured for months and months and I think it’s time it’s had its debut in the world. That means more frequent content, giveaways, and random blogs from yours truly.

Things will be more personal than before, starting with the big story I have to tell all of you about my life changing and possibly life saving decision to have a hysterectomy at 24 years old. Nothing quite changes the way you look at life than a scare like that. But, enough on that story for now.

Thank You

Basically this is like the biggest and most drawn out thank you in the entire world. Thanks for listening to my rambles, reading my reviews, watching my YouTube videos, and commenting on posts. It’s about to be another whirlwind year, and I hope to see you all stick around for 2018.

Thank you!!!!


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